NetRef v4
Directory software for PHP 4 et MySQL 3.23

****** SETUP :

****** OPTIONS
You can edit the directory options in the file option.php

$host="localhost"; // Address of MySQL server
$user="netref"; // Name of MySQL user
$pass=""; // Password of MySQL user
$bdd="netref4"; // MySQL Db Name

$table_cat="NRef_cat"; // Table of category
$table_site="NRef_site"; // Table of sites
$table_com="NRef_com"; // Table of Comments
$table_word="NRef_rech_word"; //Table of keywords
$table_rech_idx="NRef_rech_index"; //Table of indexed words
$table_rech_cache="NRef_rech_cache"; //Table of search engine

//pseudo(s) of Administrator

//Langage of the software : PUT "en" for English
$op_lan="fr"; // "fr"->Francais, "en"->English

//URL of the website
$url_site=""; // Put the URL of the path of the directory (no slash '/' at the end)
$nom_netref="Netref"; // Name of the directory
$email_contact=""; //email contact

$nb_col=3; // Number of columns for display of categories
$def_doss="dossier.png"; // defaut icon for the categories (in the folder /inc/im_cat)

$email_ok=true;// Send a confirmation email when a website is validated (true to activate)
$email_refus=true; //Send an email if a website is not accepted (true to activate)
$envoie_mail_admin=1; // Send an email to the Administrator when a website is suggested | 0 never, 1 just when non-valdiated list is empty, 2 always)

$aff_in=false; // Display number of in
$tri_cat="nom"; // Sort the category by (use a name of mysql field)
$tri_site="star"; // Sort the website by (use a name of mysql field)
$star_max=5; //Max of stars for website
$rech_save=true; //Save search of user in /inc/recherche.dat
$aff_trie=true; // Allow user to choose how to sort the website

$ajout_site_auto=false; // Allow user to add a website without confirmation of administrator - DANGEROUS - use on Intranet

$pageindex="index.php"; // URL without $url_site of the redirection in the file /gestion/in.php
$nb_com_page=5; // Number of comments per page
$nb_site_page=10; //Number of websites per page
$nb_check_page=5; // Number of comments per page for checking (admin menu)

$auth_soumission=true; // Allow submission of websites and categories
$rech_meta_actif=true; // Search HTML meta-tags during first step of submission

// Fields wich are required during user submission
name $soum_obl_des=true;
description $soum_obl_email=true;
email $soum_obl_url=true;

// URL
$auth_envoie=true; // Allow Netref to send to URL of your website during installation



You just have to click on "Update the MySQL tables" in the admin menu to create the new MySQL fields.


To customize Netref, edit the files option.php (with display functions), header.php and foot.php and style.css.
style.css is very important, you can change all color, font and size in this file.


You can add a language very easly with Netref, you just have to duplicate the directory /lan/en and translate all the files

Files mail_xxxx.php are the mail which are sent when a website is validated, delete, ...
You have to edit this files as you want but must be carreful with the text in [ xx ] : they are the mutables

[url_site] the URL of your website
[nom] Name of the website which has been suggested
[id] ID of the website which has been suggested
[description] Description of the website which has been suggested
[nom_netref] Name of your directory
[message_ami] Default message written by the user who wants to refer the site
[nom_ami] Name of the friend who is recommending the site
[cat] ID of the category of the website
[lan] Language of the website suggested (two letters)
[version] Version of Netref that you use (Please keep reference in the emails)

Don't hesitate to send your translation of Netref at for other users


You can check the validity of all links in the admin menu. This process is slow. So you must do it in multiple steps. There is an option in option.php to change number of checks by page : If you have too many sites, PHP will not have time to finish the check and send you an error.


According to your needs, it is possible that the length of the initials fields are insufficient. You can, of course, increase the length of these fields (to the detriment of optimization)
By default, the majority of the fields text are in VAR(X) A description of the types of fields possible text.

TEXT and BLOB : object a maximum length of 65535 characters, TEXT will have contents of the ASCII type (insensitive breakage) and BLOB will have contents of the binary type (significant breakage).
MEDIUMTEXT and MEDIUMBLOB : object a maximum length of 16777216 characters, MEDIUMTEXT will have contents of the ASCII type (insensitive breakage) and MEDIUMBLOB will have contents of the binary type (significant breakage).
LONGTEXT ou LONGBLOB : object a maximum length of 4294967295 characters, LONGTEXT will have contents of the ASCII type (insensitive breakage) and LONGBLOB will have contents of the binary type (significant breakage).


The Netref search engine offers rapid indexing of all the key words of the sites by using an additional table which stores the words at the time a site is added or modified. If you make modifications of Netref tables, the modification of this index will not be made. For this reason, in the admin section it is possible to reindex (while clicking on indexing the sites of the directory). It will necessary to reindex several times, each time beginning at the number of the last site indexed at the time of the passes.


v4.1.6 28/02/2004
Support of "Register Global = Off" for better security
Better compatibility with Netscape 6
New sorts
Possibilité to reset the IN and OUT easily

v4.0.3 15/01/2004
Corrections : email of validation, modification of variable sending mail in option.php and modification of commentaries.

v4.0 7/07/2003
Modification of the License, Netref is now paying for the sites lucrative goal
Innovations :

v3.00 1/04/2003
New functions :


You must read the End User License Agreement before setup Netref
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